Mini MBA in Hospitals Management (Missouri State University)

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03 Mar - 18 Apr , 2019
04:00 PM - 08:00 PM
English / Arabic


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Sunday - Tuesday - Thursday
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Missouri State University

The program aims to :  

The program aims to provide participants with professional and professional hospital management during exposure to:

-      Hospital management function

-      Planning function

-      Organization function

-      Orientation function

-      Hospital control function

-      Human resource management

-      Financial management in the hospital

-      Marketing in hospitals

-      Production management and service delivery

-      Public relation department

-      Strategic management

-      Total quality management in hospitals

-      The neutral professional calendar at the hospital

-      Hospital information technology

-      Communication medicine

-      Techniques of modern medical devices and equipment


-      Targeted

Hospital Board of Directors

  Hospital manager

Medical Authority: The Medical Authority includes both doctors working in the hospital of different personalities and degrees

Chairman of nursing and specialized nurses

Administrative sections in the hospital: These sections fall under four groups:


- A - Departments:

- Includes hospital director, patient admission, accounts, data processing, computer, procurement, warehouse, personnel affairs, public relations, queries, reception.

B- Professional and Technical Sections:

- include pharmacy, nutrition, medical records, physical therapy (physiotherapy), psychotherapy

C- Support Services Departments:

- Includes cleaning, maintenance, laundry, clothing, sterilization, safety, transportation, ambulance

D- Distributed sections:

- Includes medical library, fire protection, social services, mortality and morbidity.


Program Content:


The first axis: the functions of hospital administration

- What is the modern hospital

- Hospital concept

- Basic functions of the hospital

- The distinctive characteristics of the hospital

- Trends of modern hospitals

- Classification of hospitals

The second axis: the function of planning the hospital

 -Objectives of organization in the hospital

- Definition of hospital planning

- Types and types of planning in hospitals

- Planning stages in hospitals

- The planning process in the hospital and the success factors of the plan

- Applications

Third axis: the function of organization in the hospital

- Elements of organization

- Organizational structure of the hospital - different models

- Factors affecting the organizational structure of the hospital

- Delegation of authority

- Coordination

- Managing the conflict in the hospital

Axis IV: Hospital guidance function

- The concept of guidance and its importance

- Routing tools

- Incentives

- Telecommunications

- Training

- Applications

Fifth axis: the function of control in the hospital

- The concept of supervisory function

- Inclusion control

- Stages of control

- Methods of control

- Applications

Sixth Axis: Management of human resources in the hospital

- Structure of human resources working in the hospital

- Providing health care at a high level of efficiency

- The duties and responsibilities of the hospital

- Skills and skills required

- Conditions of employment in the hospital

- Scientific rehabilitation

- Standards required to be available to the occupant of the hospital

- Applications

The seventh axis: financial management in the hospital

- The importance of financial management in hospitals

- The concept of financial function in hospitals

- Objectives of the financial instruments in hospitals of the private sector and hospitals of the Ministry of Health

- Cost containment in hospitals

Eighth axis: Marketing in hospitals

- Definition of marketing in hospitals

- Marketing jobs in hospitals

- Hospital Market

- Promotion of health services

- Hospital marketing information system

- Applications

Ninth Axis: Management of production and delivery of health services in the hospital

- Definition of health product

- Characteristics of the health product

- Providing medical services between public and private hospitals

- Patient rights

- Applications

Axis 10: Public relations in the hospital

- Definition of public relations in the hospital

- Skills of public relations staff in the hospital

- Examples of cards describing the functions of public relations staff in the hospital

- Services offered by the public relations in the hospital

- Applications

Eleventh axis: strategic management of the hospital

- Definition of management strategy in hospitals

- The importance of strategic management of the hospital

- Challenges facing strategic management

- The stages of strategic management

- The external environmental factors affecting the health organization

- Applications

Twelfth Axis: Quality Management of Hospitals

- The concept of quality in comprehensive hospitals

- Quality standards

- Evaluation of the quality of health services

- continuous improvement

- Applications

The thirteenth axis: the neutral professional evaluation at the hospital

- Performance evaluation indicators

- Indicators of measuring hospital use

- Applications

The Fourteenth Axis: Information Technology in the Hospital

- Controls the good management of information and medical records

- The role of information and medical records in the field of medical advertising

- Arab experiments in medical information systems

- Applications

Fifteenth axis: communicative medicine

- Definition of communicative medicine

- Communication medicine levels

Communication Medicine Applications

- The use of communication medicine in health work

- Applications

The sixteenth axis: the techniques of medical devices and modern medicine

- Endoscopy operations.

- Use of laser.

- Development of modern radiology

- Modern techniques in the field of medical laboratories.