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The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute, well-known in Jordan as EJABIwas established in 2003/2004. The European Union (EU) and the Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI) partnered for this ambitious project-initiative. Two-years initial funding was assured by the EU’s so-called EJADA-program (Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprise), while full responsibility, both operational- and financial-wise, has been assumed by the ACI since more than 13 years till this day.

According to EJADAs and ACIs intention, EJABI was established to further develop and support SMEs in Jordan. In recent years, EJABI also opened up for the broader audience and clientele to make use of this dedicated, unique and boutique EJABI-venue in the very heart of Amman for workshops, trainings, seminars and tailor-made events.

EJABI is a custom-made training- and event-venue with a multifaceted local and international trainer-pool. It has a wide-ranging network with leading universities and professional institutes, locally and internationally.

EJABI develops and enhances the human capital of Jordan and its neighboring countries with practical knowledge and managerial skills for workers and managers at all levels equally. Thereby, EJABI boosts the competitiveness of human resources and companies in Jordan, especially also with regard to export-readiness and internationalization.

In 2012, another strong cooperation-partner was added when the German manager of the Office for German-Jordanian Economic Cooperation at the ACI became also the exclusive representative of the so-called German Senior Experts Service (SES) in Jordan. His office is located at the EJABI-floor. SES offers outstanding and tailor-made German expertise to Jordanian SMEs, NGOs and governmental institutions. For further information about SES, please click here.

All in all, the philosophy of EJABI has been continuously strengthened and updated in the very best favor of reaching our ultimate goal of adding value to our clients by providing them with outstanding and professional knowledge, expertise, and services.

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EJABI – your unique and boutique venue
for TRAINING and EVENTS in the very heart of Amman
The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute,
a dedicated and joint EU-ACI project