EJABI Mission

Sustainable value and distinguished services for YOU

We at EJABI believe in creating sustainable value first. Our nonprofit heritage and educational mission provide us with the inspirational drive in a world, where profit often comes first or impairs thinking.

EJABI aims at providing distinguished professional services through its committed methodologies by focusing on leveraging understanding, practice and development benefitting individuals, corporations, and Jordan’s society in the best possible way.

EJABI believes in creating value and spreading priceless knowledge, skills, and abilities to our clients by:

  • Maintaining highest professional standards of quality, operational excellence and integrity;
  • Providing innovative and practical solutions to our valued clients in line with best international business practices;
  • Fostering partnerships with our clients through market-driven solutions and superior services;
  • Depending on loyal and hard-working team-members, who are competent, highly motivated and committed to evolving development

Utilizing the latest and most effective technology in our pursuit of innovation and continuous improvement.

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EJABI – your unique and boutique venue
for TRAINING and EVENTS in the very heart of Amman
The EuroJordanian Advanced Business Institute,
dedicated and joint EU-ACI project